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Foresee the stock exchange?
If there is a domain where the forecast plays a leading role, it is indeed that of the financial markets. We do not count any more the methods, the systems, the softwares, the textbooks, the reviews, the gurus, the specialists who have for ambition to predict the evolution of the stock exchange.

But for what result? With what success?

First of all let us clarify the problem.

If it were only a question of foreseeing the value of a stock-exchange security, a share, a bond, according to economic and financial criteria, we would just have to resolve a technical problem. A possibly delicate and complicated problem but which could be resolved by means of calculation or reasoning which we know how to master. But that is not the question.It is much more complex.


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In short...

Forecast stock markets. Anticipate the crowd psychology of the people acting on the markets. Many methods try to do that.

Classical Technical Analysis. Candlestick charting. Kagi. Elliott waves. Gann method. And many more... They perfectly analyze the current behavior of the operators, and give often excellents elements of forecast.

The MetaBourse system is different. Conceived in another spirit, it brings a more overall view, but does not exclude any other method.

More predictive, it anticipates the behavior of the operators through the observation of synchronism's existing between the financial markets and the planetary cycles, based on the thousand-year-old tradition which was used as a basis for astrology.

Using together MetaBourse and a method of Technical Analysis may significantly increase the reliability of the stock market forecasts.

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