Stock markets crisis 2000-2003

Explosion of the bubble of the internet and technological values

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Nasdaq Comp, Dow Jones, CAC 40, DAX, Footsie and Nikkei indexes

chart of Nasdaq, Dow Jones, CAC 40, DAX, Footsie, and Nikkei
World stock market indexes:
- the scale shows the quoted prices of the Dow Jones Industrial (plotted in black and gray)
- the Nasdaq, CAC 40, DAX, Footsie, and Nikkei indexes are plotted in proportional values
- pivot on January 9th, 1998

Planetary Index:
- simplified variant, limited to long cycles
- including longitudes and declinations
- indicates especially the main trends

It is interesting to study the case of the speculative bubble of the technological values from 1998 to 2003, often qualified as bullish crash, or as internet bubble, or bubble of the technological values.

At first, we find a long period of intense speculation, that some compared with the speculative bubble which preceded the crash of the tulips of 1636. In the arrival, it ended in the explosion of the bubble. This one took the shape of a long crash of the technological values which spread out over about 3 years.

In fact, the 2000-2003 " internet crash ", which saw the collapse of the technological and internet shares is not without analogy with the 1929-1934 stock market crisis that started with the crash of 1929.

As during the 1929 crisis the decline began at the end of a long period of increase and speculation which had begun in the first half of the 1990 decade, making the NASDAQ Composite index peak at 5048 points on March 10th, 2000.

In both cases, the cycles of Saturn, Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter played an eminent role in the phase of decline. Notably by the fact that severe phases of these cycles, in bear meaning, succeeded one another repeatedly.

This phase of decline, and its various stages, are clearly indicated by the MetaBourse planetary index (red areas, lower graph). As well as the phases of intermediate respites (blue areas).

Other indexes have reacts in different ways, according to their specific sensibilities. We indeed know that the various stock-exchange values do not react exactly in the same way to the various global cycles. The variant of the index presented here is "medium" which means approximately suitable for many indexes or shares.

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