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The spirit of MetaBourse

The forecasts presented by MetaBourse result from a serious and thorough work. They are based on an original method, without equivalent.

They do not require any particular knowledge other than those one can expect from a reader accustomed to stock exchange transactions and granting a little credit to astrology.

We avoid irrationals considerations and polemics as well. Our articles are acceptables by people who do not really believe in astrology.

The forecasts are presented in a synthetic form, immediately comprehensible. They avoid technical jargon and ambiguous sentences.

The technical justifications concerned with astrology are not clarified. They could seem complicated to non specialists, and there is no necessity to explain in depth.

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The french Metabourse site

This is our oldest internet site in french language located in France.

Like MetaBourse, it has free access, and provides astrological forecasts related to french and European indexes and stock shares.

If you would like to visit, just click above.
La bourse
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Prévoir la bourse, sur
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The MetaBourse site

This is our free shop window, that proposes you some samples to discover MetaBourse. It helps us to estimate the interest aroused by our methods.

We welcome there gladly the guests who have the courtesy to really identify themselves.

The passers-by, the onlookers, those who want to remain anonymous, are also welcome. As it is usual on internet, they can read our public articles, exactly as someone walking in a street, can see shop windows and posters which are there.

By deontology, to avoid to mislead you, during stock market crisis, or when the astrological indications are too uncertain, we will abstain from giving public forecasts on this site.

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MetaBourse Consulting
A one to one, non stop, personal service.

We apologize.
In order to keep a high level of service, we can't take any new registration, even for friends.

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The intra-day studies (day-trading)
Setting up intra-day forecasts is a very sensitive undertaking, because it is often very difficult to weight a priori some planetary events that are in effect for a very short time.

In addition, there may be a time-lag between the market behavior and the planetary events.

Currently, we publish such kind of studies, for fun, only for MetaBourse-Consulting users, when the technical context allows a forecast that look sufficiently reliable.

Billable services
Many guests requested a more regular service of forecast, possibly paying.

At the moment, there is not.

In fact stock-exchange astrology, like weather forecasting, may lead to poor predictions when the astrological events are too numerous or contradictory. In such case we prefer say nothing. Being for free we can easily do so.

However we will try to find a way.

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