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A great advantage

The MetaBourse system differs completely from the traditionals methods of technical analysis by an essential characteristic.

It indicates, for each moment, a stock exchange climate, which depends exclusively on the moment considered, without using any list of historical prices.

This is a great advantage.

So you constantly can have, for any period of time, a theoretical trend, which you may be able to confirm or invalidate by observing the effective prices.

This makes it possible to consider a broad range of investment strategies. As illustrations, we will evoke some simple tactics on this page.

Reliability of the forecasts
This web site would like to illustrate clearly the correctness, often outstanding, of the forecasts given by MetaBourse. The forecasts are very often relevant, but obviously, no systematic method would be able to foresee very exactly the prices of stock exchange.

In fact, there are mainly three kinds of difficulties.

- The method is essentially empirical. The forecast rules that may apply, are not totally nor perfectly known.

- The events of the political and economic life, which must be considered at the world level, may generate, at least for a moment, some disturbances that may not be unimportant.

- It seems clearly that methods based on the cycles of the planets are used by a large number of market operators. Their operations, sometimes typical, do certainly create very considerable movements of the prices.

The direct use of the MetaBourse software, which is very interactive, and allows to investigate immediately various aspects of the situation, helps a lot to be make an opinion.

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Derivative instruments
Financial instruments with leverage effect like warrants, options, puts, calls, futures, and other derivatives constitute a good ground for the MetaBourse system.

The experience shows that the stock-exchange prices movements are usually concomitant of significant planet events.

Now the first good point of the planetary index is precisely to display the dates of planet phenomena. And especially to indicate and to estimate their cumulative or contradictory effects.

Obviously it is necessary to have a good knowledge of the underlying. The fact of having refined a fitted variant of planetary index, and having teached oneself to use it constitutes a trump.

Simultaneous use of technical analysis is strongly recommended.

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Practical illustrations
Understanding the charts
Analytic tool / candelstics - macd
Financial crisis
Financial crisis 1929
Crisis 2000 - 2003
Beginning of the 2007 crisis.
Deep point of the 2007 crisis.
Synopsis 2007 - 2010
Stock indexes
DJIA - Dow Jones Industrial Average 1896-2015
Word Trade Center 9/11
London bombing 7 july 2005
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Complementary to technical analysis
Most of the followers of MetaBourse use simultaneously other tools, among which various methods of technical analysis. They are right.

Let us not forget, indeed, that no method, whatever it is, allows to foresee very exactly the evolution of stock markets. The problem is really too complex.

In this context, the plurality of points of view is a mattering asset to enrich the reflection. But provided that the points of view are effectively independent. This is fundamental.


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Choice of strategy
The possible strategies with the MetaBourse planetary index are numerous, and some of them are particularly easy to estimate graphically.

- For example, we can secure portfolio on the long term, by tracking down the big crises (see opposite). This allow to anticipate the big declines and the sharp increases.

- A more dynamic management style using trackers is relatively easy to implement.

- In the short term we can envisage more speculative operations, by taking advantage of sharply visible accidents of the forward-looking planetary index.

The exact timing is often a little bit delicate. The appeal to a technical method like graphical analysis, or Japanese candlesticks, that help well to observe the market, is useful to define correctly the orders given to the broker.

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Shares or baskets of shares
Each knows that a share or a warrant, being more reactive than an index or a basket of shares, present a better possibility of appreciation at the cost of an increase of the risk.

As the Web site is introductory and promotional, we have chosen to concentrate mainly on indexes such as Nasdaq composite, Dow Jones industrials, CAC 40(PARIS STOCK INDEX), FTSE 100, DAX 30, NIKKEI 225, etc. in order to make simple.

Some variants of our planetary index are designed to target a particular share or a group of shares. The planetary index we publish here is more general. However it gives indication which can often been extrapolated usefully.

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