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Jean Weber

Jean Weber (John)
Scientific education. Master of science. IT engineer.

Career of senior staff in the main multinational company, starting as an engineer, then in functions of management, in France and in the US.

Now an active retirement makes it possible to give life to an old hobby.

The luminous early mornings of Provence and Luberon, in France, are very favorable there.

Why MetaBourse ?

Initiated early with astrology, in my family, it is the doubt that led me to financial astrology. Astrology is so incredible! I wanted to check it, in an area where things are measurable, objective, quantified.

There was at the beginning this simplistic idea of markets that go up or drop, suggesting that if astrology works, one must be able to check it by making a quite binary stock exchange forecasts without ambiguity.

The first tests, at the time of the 1974 crisis, were encouraging, and led me to persist because the model used functioned rather correctly over this period (see Paris 1974).

Disappointment came later, when observing that astrology is more at ease in the human field than in that of the figures. Too many precepts, sometimes very vague, often difficult to quantify, led to not very reliable interpretations. It was necessary to approach that in a way much more methodical.

The emergence of data processing, my first job, gave me the direction of a rational approach. In 30 years, in margin of a fascinating family and professional life, this hobby, intermittent but persistent, led me to develop a tool that shows an extraordinary perspicacity.

It is, without any doubt, impossible to forecast very exactly the stock exchange market trends by means of astrology. But the approximation which one can obtain is absolutely outstanding, and really efficient. The use of this method and the deepening of the knowledge which results from this constitute a very attractive game.

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