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Introduction to MetaBourse

MetaBourse provides a unique stock market forecasting system, designed to anticipates the behavior that the markets may likely have, based on planetary cycles after rules coming from traditional astrology.

This system is mainly intended for people acting on stock markets, who believe that astrology has some fondations, and who have at least a basic understanding of astrology.

Even if this system may theoretically be self sufficient, it is advisable to use at the same time a method of technical analysis as well.

Technical analysis methods are often excellent to early discover that the trend of a given share changes. They are very good complements to MetaBourse, which is often more predictive but sometimes more global.

Expérience shows that many users appreciate a practical guidance to begin, but also later to improve them self. On this site you will find a few examples, in the form of small case studies that are simple but clear.

Using MetaBourse
Obviously, to deal efficiently on stock markets, one need to be very methodical, rigorous, reflective. Making decisions needs to take in account data one have mastering of, and one have confidence in.

Using MetaBourse does not allow to depart from this rule. It is mandatory that the user trusts astrology, and that he has an understanding of his main principles.

A suitable knowledge of a method of technical analysis is required. To use the software, one must be able to keep up to date some historical stock data files.

In his current state, MetaBourse is well appropriate to manage significant portfolios, whose transaction costs are usually moderated, in a perspective of medium or long term.

Using it for derivatives markets, futures markets, warrants, or speculative trading needs to be very well trained.

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Privacy policy

We are committed to protect the privacy of our visitors and friends.

  • We never disclose any data about people who visited our sites or who got in touch with us.
  • You will never get any unwanted message from us.
  • We do not gather any personal data about non registered visitors of our sites.
We use "session cookies" in order to provide a better session management and to set up some global statistics.

We ask for a registration those who wish to get some of our services, to make sure that they have read the conditions of use and agree to.

Registered users may display and rectify all the information we store about them.

The metabourse sites may show advertisements that may contain "cookies" that are managed by the advertiser.

The Metabourse internet site registration number at the french CNIL administration is 1239455.

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About the founder

Astrology is so incredible!
It is the doubt that led me to financial astrology.


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Marketing of MetaBourse

Selling a software such as MetaBourse, or simply stock-exchange forecasts, is a matter of conscience.

If the system works very well it does not need commercial income there. We can make fortune in a short time.

If it does not work, or badly, it would be pure and simple swindle.

Currently MetaBourse works pretty well, and goes by improving, but it sometimes falters, due to the imperfection of our knowledge. There is no hope to make it really perfect.

For reasons of personal ethics we do not intend to sell it to the general public.

We investigate the possibility of creating a small user network including some experienced investors able to provide us some help in the trading area.

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The stock market forecasting software

(currently out of market)

The MetaBourse system uses an extremely powerful software that is articulated around two completely independent parts.

  • A modeling system that calculates the planetary positions, builds the groundwork of prediction, traces the planetary indices.

  • A validation unit to check against the real data, usable when history files of stock exchange prices are available.
Data-processing is very useful to consolidate and manage the rules of interpretation, which are very complicated not to say complex.

It makes it possible to circumvent, at least partly, the human subjectivity to limit the risks of error. But also helps to makes the method accessible to people who are not experts in astrology.

Learn more...

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MetaBourse software development

Since the beginning, the MetaBourse system has been intended for his author's personal usage.

However some fame seems useful to better define the targets, and as a stimulus as well.

The current development is mainly oriented toward warrants, certificates, and more generally speaking derivatives markets.

But the good level of maturity we have obtained does not exclude a permanent research to:

  1. Better clarify the rules that allow more pertinent anticipations.
  2. Contain the errors due to the subjectivity of human interpretations.
  3. Make this tool more accessible to people knowing well stocks but who are not experts in astrology.
  4. Enhance connivance with technical analysis methods.
The software itself is not available outside a very close private circle. We do not intend to bring it on the market.

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