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MetaBourse, November 14, 2015

The Dow Jones industrial average index (DJIA)

from 1896 to 2015

Dow Jones (^DJI):
- daily closing prices:
- Semi-logarithmic scale.
- last quote: Friday November 13, 2015 (closing).


The curve of the indice plotted over more than a century shows nicely the lucky periods and the crises as well .

We see that in the long term a stock-exchange investment can turn out very profitable. It could be even better for an investor who would be able to go out of the market before its fall, and to return in at the time of the recovery.

The forecast of the movements of markets gave place to uncountable studies, mathematical and empirical as well. Everyone knows the numerous indicators and oscillateurs used by the technical analysis, the cycles of Kondratieff, the suites of Fibonacci or Gann, the waves of Elliott, the Japanese candlesticks, and lots of others.

On an other hand the methods used by MetaBourse implement more universal indicators, representative of the psychology of the crowd, based on the ancient traditions of astrology.

Warning: Our stock market forecasts are set up very carefully, using daily tested technologies. But obviously, there are some remaining risks. Our forecasts are not advices of stock-exchange investment, and we do not provide any warranty. You may use them under your own responsibility.

Take care: The planetary index indicates a trend, it does not claim to give an exact forecast of the prices. There may be slight time-lags between forecasts and reality. There is no steady accurate ratio between prices and planetary indexes. Speculative trades must always be secured, even if using planetary indications.

upper chart: The real prices on the Stock Exchanges. The curves stop at the last traded prices.
lower chart: The planetary index, as a percentage of the likely daily change. The curves are computed for the future, and for the past as well.
coloured areas: Their colours indicate rising or falling. Their sizes suggest their contribution to the daily change. The strength of the colours are significant of the probability of this change.
yellow line: Gives a mean estimate of the daily percentage of change. The direction of the line, increasing or decreasing, is more important than his position in the positive or négative area.

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