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MetaBourse usage policy.

MetaBourse provides websites whose access is subject to the following conditions. If you visit or shop at a MetaBourse website, you accept these conditions.


MetaBourse proposes a methodology of stock-exchange forecasting which seems relevant, but cannot give any guarantee of reliability, in any way.
All the informations, financial datas, analysis, suggestions of purchase and sale published by MetaBourse are illustrations of the astrology and are given for information only. They are not advices for financial investments.
Every user of the site can consequently draw his inspiration from it only under his own responsibility. MetaBourse does not accept any responsibility in the use which could be made of these informations and consequences which could ensue from it.
Let us recommend to every to every not well-informed person to consult a professional councillor before any investment.

Intellectual Property.

All the data contained and spread on the Metabourse web sites take on the character of work of the mind in the sense of the Code of Intellectual Property and benefits as such of the corresponding protections.
Only the author has the right to reveal all or any of his work, to determine the process of disclosure and to decide on the conditions of this disclosure.
Any representation or reproduction, complete or partial, made without the assent of the author or his legal successors or legal beneficiaries is illicit and can give place to pursuits.
The translation, the adaptation, the transformation, the arrangement or the reproduction, complete or partial, of the data spread on the Metabourse web sites, by any art or any process, is illicit and can give place to pursuits.


Every visitor of a MetaBourse site may register freely at Metabourse, on its own initiative.
By the fact of joining, he makes a commitment to supply sincere and exact data and to hold them up to date. He may verify and rectify these data at any time.
The registration does not grant any right. It may provide better comfort for surfing, access to some articles free of charge, opportunities to subscribe to possible commercial offers.


We use session cookies for the duration of the connection.
They help us to facilitate navigation and make traffic statistics for our own use.
We never collect nor disclose to any person any personal data on our visitors.
Moreover, some advertising sales partners may use cookies.
If you visit a MetaBourse site, you accept this use of cookies.
If not, you need leave the site.

Cancellation - Striking off.

The registered persons may cancel their registration at any time, by simply sending a message to the MetaBourse address of contact published on the site.

On the other hand Metabourse may cancel registrations without having to give any justification.

Subscriptions for fee.

Metabourse proposes a subscription allowing to access the forecasts based on his method.

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