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Calculated at any moment according to date and an hour, the MetaBourse planetary index gives an immediate synthesis of the relation which seems to exist between the stock-exchange behavior and the positions of the celestial objects of the solar system.

The mean planetary index (yellow line 1) is completed by several colored areas 2.

Upper part of the chart: The real prices as listed on the Stock Exchange.

- Here you can see a basket of share indexes. The scale corresponds to the first mentioned index, the other ones being proportionally represented, with regard to the pivot point 3 that is pictured in grey.

- The curves of the share indexes stop a the latest listed Stock Market prices.

- The marker 4 indicate the date and the price of the first mentioned share. You see that the marquer continues on the bottom part of the graph.

- The orange-colored curve 5 that continues the line of the first share index is an attempt de project future estimated Stock Market prices, based on the planetary index.

Such a kind of rated forecast is obviously very tricky not to say utopian. One must consider the general appearance of the curve, rather than the precise level it may reach.

Lower part of the chart: The MetaBourse planetary index, applying to the past, and to the future as well.

Yellow line: The mean planetary index.

- Obtained from the precise positions of the celestian objects of the solar system, by means of complex calculations.
- The direction of variation is at least as important as its situation in positive or negative sector.

Colored areas: A breakdown of the planetary index by factors of rise and of decline.

- The color shows the trend to rise or to decline.
- The intensity of the color, depending on the kind of planetary cycles thar are going on, is related to the strength of the planetary advice.
- The darker colors represent the fondamental trends, the lighter colors are related to more temporary effects, that could be violent but also uncertain.
- In case of diverging indications, with opposite meanings, we have a signal of risk, especially if their strength are similar.


- In theory, the curves are tuned to show the most likely fluctuation of the Stock Market share or index on a daily percentage basis.
- But obviously, it is difficult to achieved this very accurately.

Parameters: they give some technical details about the calculation.

- Less complex than it appears to it, they allow to identify precisely the variant of the planetary index which is shown.
- The variants differ between them by relative parameters like: the horizon of time, the requested precision, the sharpness of the wanted analysis, the families of planetary cycles to be considered, the preestablished planetary profile of a stock market share.

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