Prototype to forecast stock exchange

written in APL language in 1986

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Paris time frame 1974 - 1977

CAC 40 et Index planétaire
Files 1986

In 1986 a relatively advanced data-processing prototype, written in APL language, was running on my micro-computer.

The capacities of the machines of the time were very insufficient. It was necessary to keyboard the ephemerides datas and the stock exchange prices. That nevertheless allowed a very useful roughing.

This graph illustrates the period 1974 - 1977. The index of the Paris Bourse is red and the precursor of my planetary index is green.

The planetary index was very imperfect, in spite of an encouraging general appearance. It clearly showed the fall in September and December 1974, but over-estimated the positive cycles between these two dates. Further, it over-estimated the negative cycles of the autumn 1975.

My first calibrations of the planetary cycles go back to this time. At the same time, I noted the need for confronting my index with the indicators used in technical analysis, in order to detect quickly the mistakes.

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