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The stock market forecasting software
The MetaBourse system uses an extremely powerful software that is articulated around two completely independent parts.

  • A modeling system that calculates the planetary positions, builds the groundwork of prediction, plots the graphs of the planetary indices.

  • A validation unit to check against the real data, usable when history files of stock exchange prices are available.
Data-processing is very useful to consolidate and manage the rules of interpretation, which are very complicated not to say complex.

It makes it possible to circumvent, at least partly, the human subjectivity to limit the risks of error. But it also helps to makes the method accessible to people who are not experts in astrology.

It carries out the mathematical calculation of a planetary index, and its alternatives, based on the positions of the planets of the solar system. Then it brings this index closer to the real historical stock exchange prices.

It shows the planetary index and its alternatives on various graphic charts, covering the future and the past as well. By means of a very explicit graphic technique, it puts them in perspective of the stock exchange prices really observed in the past.

The whole unit is highly interactive to make it easier to judge the relevance of the planetary index, and to choose his alternative that is best adapted to the quoted value that one wants to study.

Many functionalities help to understand the behavior of the stock exchange markets, and to anticipate the probable evolution of the prices. The simulation function can plot a curve of estimated future prices, and suggest dates to make stock exchange transactions.

This software system is validated daily, compared the stock exchange markets. It is continually improved.

  • Version MetaBourse-Lab: not intended for sale.
  • Version MetaBourse-Trader: completely pre-tuned, has a very comprehensive simple user interface, but includes the whole advanced MetaBourse technology. A basic understanding of astrology is sufficient to use it.
  • Works fine under Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Seven. Instant response time on a recent powerful computer.
  • Currently, the MetaBourse software is only used in a private circle. It is not offered for sale.
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